For All Men Considering Non-Surgical

Penis Enlargement:

You CAN Add Measurable Inches To Your Erection In Just 120 Days:

The Same Approach As Championship Bodybuilding May Make It Possible Using 'Progressive Overload Sequence' To Add Inches To The Length and Girth Of Your Penis...

...Without Gadgets, Drugs, or Surgery!

Guys, don't be fooled...

Because while it's TRUE - some prescription drugs can improve your overall erection quality and control through increased blood flow to the penile tissues...

...They can only temporarily make your penis look thicker and longer!

Short-term gains of 1/2 to 1 inch may be common for guys who use drugs alone. But...

If You Want To Add 1.5 or 2+ Inches To Your Penis,
You Need To Train Like A Bodybuilder!

This isn't rocket science:

Bodybuilders don't create their extraordinary physiques by popping pills and sitting around on their butts all day.

They spend hours at the gym each week, stressing and challenging their bodies to increase their overall muscle mass - and GROW!

So it only makes sense...

If you want to add visible, measurable inches to your penis, you need to exercise and stress the muscles, ligaments, and tissues - because this is what encourages them to STRETCH and GROW!

And that's why our team at Leading Edge Health along with Mr. A.J. "Big Al" Alfaro, the renowned authority on enlargement exercises, decided to combine our 10+ years experience with male enhancement to create "The Men's 120-Day Plan for Extraordinary Penis Growth!"

Unlike any other enlargement program you'll find on the Internet today, it's founded on...

The Approach of "Progressive Overload"

Inspired by the work of Thomas Delorme, M.D. to rehabilitate soldiers after World War II, "Progressive Overload" will be the secret to your success with penis enlargement.

It's based on the principle that...

To increase strength and muscle mass, you must OVERLOAD the muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues...

...And stimulate your body's natural adaptive processes!

Bodybuilders use "Progressive Overload" to push their physiques far past the plateaus experienced by the average guy who works out at the gym.

And through research and customer feedback our team at Leading Edge Health has concluded that...

Men who combine the approach of "Progressive Overload" with the right combination of penile stretching and strength training exercises may expect to...

  • See measurable increases in both the LENGTH and WIDTH of your erection!
  • See potential gains of 1.5 to 2+ inches -- if you are willing to stick with the exercise program for 3 months or longer!

And even better, you may not just get a LONGER, THICKER penis:

You may even improve your overall sex drive, performance, and orgasm control too!

The Biggest Myth of Growing Your Penis!

Most guys think of their penis as one big muscle.

However, this is wrong.

Your penis is actually made up of a complex network of tissue, muscles, ligaments, veins and arteries.

So increasing the LENGTH and GIRTH of your penis is about more than just increasing muscle strength...

...You must also stretch and encourage the natural division of cells to make every single one of these elements LONGER!

And that's why the majority of "Penis Enlargement" exercises you'll find on the Internet today don't actually produce the 1.5 to 2+ inch gains that men really desire.

Targets ALL Of The Muscles, Ligaments, and Tissues Of The Penis Key To Erection Support & Orgasm Control:

Most enlargement exercises you'll find on the `Net target the Puboccocygeus Muscle - also know as the PC muscle. But this is extremely short-sighted!

It would be like you going to the gym, working out nothing but your abs, and expecting to look like Mr. Olympia.

If you want to add really impressive inches to your length, then you must choose a penile workout program that targets all of the muscles, ligaments, and tissues that are key to erection support and orgasm control!

And that's why The Men's 120-Day Plan for Extraordinary Penis Enlargement includes exercises that target:

1. The 2 virtually unknown muscles in the penis - the Ischio Cavernous (IC) and the Bulbo Cavernous (BC).

These are the two sheets of striated muscle that wrap around the shaft of your penis to make your erections RIGID and THICK! Exercising and stretching these muscles is extremely important for adding length, as well as increasing the intensity and control of your orgasms.


2. The Suspensory Ligament - which is essentially what keeps your penis attached to your body at the pubic bone.

This is the ligament that's actually CUT during penile enlargement surgery. But this surgery my be UNNECESSARY...because through exercises and stretching, you may actually mimic surgery and stretch the ligament to pull the penis away from the pubic bone for an additional 1/4 inch increase in length!


3. The Corpora Cavernosa - the two cigar-shaped tubes that run the length of the penis and engorge with blood to cause your penis to stand erect when you're aroused!

Through a regular program of strengthening and stretching exercises, you may actually INCREASE the amount of blood that fills these spongy tissues... resulting in longer, thicker, harder erections.


4. Cell Division In ALL The Tissues, Muscles, & Ligaments Of The Penis - for a visible increase in length and girth!

When you gradually increase the traction (a.k.a. the force) on the shaft of the penis, the body's natural reaction should be the multiplication of tissue cells, and this may result in the gradual expansion of the penile tissue, i.e. a LARGER, LONGER penis!


A Concise, Digestible 120-Day Exercise Plan

Until now, researching "penis enlargement exercises" on the Web has been like asking for a simple glass of water to quench your thirst and being handed a FIRE HOSE!

If you're like most guys, you don't WANT to read a 200-300 page manual...

You don't want to waste DAYS reading endless articles by self-proclaimed experts who are really just regurgitating garbage info they found on another guy's website...

You want to get the end result - a bigger penis with more impressive erections!

So that's what our team here at Leading Edge Health has created for you.

It's a SUPER CONCISE 120-Day Penis Enlargement Exercise Plan that's based on our 10+ years of experience helping REAL guys improve their erection quality...and quantity.

Most Guys Who Go It Alone Plateau At Small Gains...

...We'll Show You How To Beat The Odds!

Without the benefit of professional coaching, most guys will plateau with small gains...and WORSE, lose the gains 90 days after that!

With "The Men's 120-Day Plan for Extraordinary Penis Enlargement!" we'll show you how to plateau using the approach of "Progressive Overload" and enjoy gains of as much as 1.5 to 2 inches.

And the beauty of this plan is that it's dead simple.

There's no fluff, no BS, no filler. It's just a concise, easy-to-follow workout schedule that doesn't waste a single minute of your time:

- You get a workout sheet for EACH DAY of the 120-day program

- It spells out EXACTLY what exercises you're doing on days 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

- It explains the cyclical 5-7 week training cycle.

- You're told when to expect the BIGGEST gains of inches (both in length AND girth) at each stage of the plan.

- You get videos demonstrating EVERY exercise included! (All tasteful!)

- You'll learn to use Physiologic Indicators like "EQ" to gauge your progress (you STAY MOTIVATED when you're measuring results)!

- You may build up to 25-30 minutes of erection control WITHOUT ejaculating (this would help eliminate any problems with premature ejaculation!)

- Plus much more!

And best of all there's no guess work, false starts, injuries or confusion. Because...

Everything Is Spelled Out A...B...C...D...etc.
So You Always Know What To Do Next!

It's everything you need to try to add inches to your erection, as well as increase the control and overall quality of your orgasms.

And it's all based on our FOUR-STAGE Enlargement Exercise Sequence:

See Fast Results During Your Beginner's Bootcamp!

Most guys find the "Beginner's Bootcamp," which lasts 4-6 weeks, extremely motivating...Because like with any new exercise program, you see FAST RESULTS!

First, you'll get familiar performing The 10 Foundation Exercises with the help of video demonstrations. (You'll be performing new exercises each week.)

Then, like a bodybuilder training for maximum muscle growth, you'll get comfortable with the Progressive Overload Sequence, which tells you exactly when to increase the intensity of your exercises for maximum erection growth...

...And when to take important breaks for tissue repair (a.k.a. GROWTH)!

During this time, many guys report seeing fast increases in both length and girth, plus a noticeable improvement in overall erection hardness, stamina, and orgasm quality!

Don't be surprised if your partner notices the difference in the first 6 weeks, too!

High Intensity Workouts Push Your Length To The Max!

With other enlargement programs, after 4-6 weeks of initial training, most guys report hitting a plateau...

...They stop seeing gains in length, so they lose motivation and stop training.

This program is different, though.

Because we know how to push you PAST the plateau...

We guide you through a staggered sequence of high intensity workout days packed with FRESH exercises that are proven to stretch the penis to its maximum length.

Our experience can help you push past this plateau. Because guys who get desperate and resort to EXTREME enlargement measures (like vacuums and pumps) at this point often injure themselves and set back their progress.

With our help you can avoid injury while taking your gains from "okay" to "extraordinary."

Increase Blood Volume For A Thicker, Fuller Erection

In Stage 3 of your training, you'll focus on increasing the fullness of your erection.

Exercises and techniques are varied with the aim of increasing the overall blood volume in your penis, to result in thicker, harder, more pleasurable erections that feel amazing to both YOU and YOUR PARTNER!

Plus, for guys who still aren't fully satisfied with their length by this stage of training, we will explain how you can push your length even further using a series of our most advanced high-intensity exercises.

The Only Way To KEEP THE SIZE You Gain...
(Nobody Tells You This...)

Here's where 99% of other so-called enlargement programs fall short...

...They don't tell you how to KEEP the inches you've gained.

You can't just suddenly STOP doing the exercises, or you'll lose the length and volume you gained during your training!!! Nobody else tells you this, because they want you coming back for MORE of their product...

But that's what makes this program different... We show you how to wean your body off the exercise program slowly. And then we give you a Weekly Maintenance Program that requires just 2-3 erections per week to keep up.

(Think you can handle that? ;-)

Important Warning:

Why These Secrets MAY NOT Work For You!

Before we go any further, we feel it's only fair to warn you:

This program is NOT for everyone.

You see, the beauty of "The Men's 120-Day Plan for Extraordinary Penis Enlargement" is that it's concise.

There's no fluff, filler information that's going to take you hours to read. Because you're just getting what works.

Consider for a moment what the right stock tip might be worth to your financial future. A one line email with details of what stock to buy and when could be worth tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.

This is the same...You're not getting a million pages and videos from tons of so-called experts discussing their theories on increasing penis size.

We've tracked down the MASTER of penis growth, AJ Alfaro and we've persuaded him to collaborate on this very precise 120-day guide...

...With exact instructions and video demos of what exercises to do, at what intensity, to achieve the most impressive gains in penis length and girth.

Because you don't need to be overwhelmed with information, gizmos, and gadgets.

You just need one precise plan that works.

But that's why this program will disappoint many guys:

It's Not A Magic Penis Pill!

If you're not a guy who takes action, then this program is probably a waste of your time.

Because this is NOT some magic potion that'll add instant inches to your penis overnight.

And it's certainly not some garbage $14.99 book that you'll pick up at Barnes & Noble. Who cares if a cheap book gets dusty on your shelf. You haven't really lost anything...

But the fact is...

This Program Comes With A REAL Price Tag!

So if you don't plan to DO the exercises, then this program isn't for you.

Because this caliber of information simply doesn't exist elsewhere and AJ Alfaro has told us that the best way to ensure guys actually USE this program is by attaching a premium price tag of $147 to it.


For an extremely limited time, as part of a limited-time marketing test you may have the entire program for just $97, a $50.00 DISCOUNT. And to sweeten the deal, you'll also get these 2 valuable bonus gifts. They're an additional $126.94 value, but yours FREE:

Bonus Gift #1:

A Generous 30-Day Supply of VigRX Plus

Nourish Your Reproductive Organs From The INSIDE
For Harder Erections and Increased Sex Drive!

Men who claim "The Men's 120-Day Plan for Extraordinary Penis Enlargement" before midnight on will also receive this generous 30-day supply of VigRX Plus.

This #1 best-selling daily supplement nourishes your sexual organs from the INSIDE, further enhancing your sexual functioning with its all-natural formula...

...Which includes Damiana and Bioperine!

Damiana has been used for thousands of years by the Mayans and Europeans respectively to increase libido and help combat erectile dysfunction, while Bioperine has been clinically proven to safely increase the absorption rates of the nutrients that it's combined with.

Formulated for you to enjoy bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections...Increased stamina and sex drive...Intense orgasms...And precision control!

It's a $76.99 value, yours FREE!

Bonus Gift #2:

A Tube of The Best-Selling VigRX Oil & Lube

The Silky, Smooth Topical Oil For Instant Erections,
Bigger, Harder, FASTER - For Use During Workouts!

With VigRX Oil, there's no waiting for results. You just smooth on this tantalizing, silky oil in the moment to instantly intensify your erections and pleasure!

The formula works hand-in-hand with "The Men's 120-Day Plan for Extraordinary Penis Growth", designed to deliver a precise combination of botanical extracts, vitamin complexes, and antioxidants straight to the tissues of the penis to immediately enhance every aspect of your sexual performance!

There are no prescriptions required, it's 100% natural, and it contains absolutely NOTHING artificial, including NO petrochemical byproducts! It's even condom compatible!

It's a $49.95 value, yours FREE!

Try It RISK FREE For 60 Days

Get Started Now:

Like you'd expect of any product offered by Leading Edge Health, this entire program is backed by a generous 60-day guarantee...

...Which gives you more than enough time to test FULLY HALF the 120-day program and prove that it truly delivers everything we've promised.

After trying the exercise program and using the bottles of product for sixty (60) days, if you are not satisfied, you may claim a refund, before sixty-seven (67) days have elapsed, simply contact us for a full refund of monies:

  • Since the program is delivered 100% online, there are no shipping & handling charges to be paid, which means EVERY PENNY you invest will be refunded.
  • Plus you get to keep the 2 bonus gifts - the 30-day supply of VigRX Plus and the tube of VigRX Oil - as our way of saying "thanks for giving us a try."

And since you've arrived at this page in time to participate in a limited-time marketing test, your investment in the entire program is only $97...

...You enjoy the $50.00 DISCOUNT, plus you get to keep the $126.94 worth of bonus gifts, no matter what you decide!

Which means if YOU DO decide to refund the program, it's us who lose our shirts, not you.

So what do you have to lose?

Stop feeling inadequate...Perform to your FULLEST potential...

...And finally add impressive quantity and quality to your erection while enjoying intensely pleasurable orgasms and increased potency that will impress the pants (or skirts) off your partner! ;-)

Prices shown in

Thank you...My lack of confidence is diminished!

"I would just like to report that in just over a month I have gained 1.25" in length using this program. This puts me past the half way point to my goal of 9". I was average before, and now I am sitting at 8". I hadn't measured in a few weeks, and I took a week off last week. Then I was with my new girl friend for the first time this weekend. This penis product has completely helped me gain inches to my erection.

It was the greatest feeling when she buried her head in the pillow and screamed :) I couldn't believe the results when I read the tape. My lack of confidence in bed has been completely diminished.

I just want to say thanks to you for giving such good advice.

I have been able to use the techniques properly thanks to you.

And a little word to all you new folks out there, just follow every single word on the site and you will grow. Since the gains are permanent, I am soooo glad I took before pictures. Besides, the before pictures have allowed me to see just how much I have really gained."

- Thanks again :)
Richard *

This has transformed my sex life beyond my dreams!

"I'm 58 years old and in 18 months I've increased my length from 5 7/8" to just over 7 1/2". In circumfrence I've increased from 5 1/2" to 6". Plus, your exercises have given me a rock-hard erection (which my wife has appreciated) and total control of ejaculation timing.

Now I can easily have "marathon" intercourse sessions in which I can bring my partner to climax 2 to 3 times and then climax with her during her last climax. Needless to say, this has transformed my sex life beyond my dreams.

My goal is to be "8 X 6 1/2". That is my silent mantra as I begin each session. I'm sure I'll get there, probably by this time next year. PATIENCE is the key. You have a VERY satisfied customer here and one that is still astounded at his gains.

I can't thank you enough. I do think several of your techniques have the basis of my gains. Good health and circulation is necessary as well. I look like a fit 40 and feel like 30. Can't ask for more than that. Thank you for the e-mail info. It's very helpful."

- John B. *

I have built the cock of my dreams!

"I wanted to drop you a note to say that I have attained a MAJOR length target after 20 months of work.

I began with an erect length of 7.25". Today, my cock maxes out over 9.75", and that is a conservative figure. NO BULLSHIT. What has been pleasing (and somewhat surprising) is the consistency with which growth has occurred, and that gains continue to be made without resorting to more intense or advanced routines.

The response from the new woman in my life has been favorable, to say the least. It's an amazing feeling of confidence to KNOW you are well-hung, and she can sense this.

Thanks for making the information available. I am a VERY satisfied client."

- Rob *

YOU... SAVED... MY... LIFE!!!

"I'm 19 and just started college. I was scared as a rat of being caught by some hot chick with only four and 1/2 inches of penis! I know they'd laugh their asses off like the chicks in a threesome video I saw.

Man, I was thinking of hurting myself because I got so depressed seeing all these available chicks and not having the nuts to do something!! 4 months after joining your program, I'm at 6 1/2 inches and fat as a coke can!

Chicks I don't know are jockin me because of my coke can dick!!! Man, sorry about the excitement but you made my dreams cum true!"

- CC. *

Value of Content

"I just wanted to take a minute to make a statement. When I first checked into the PE sites I was very skeptical. I didnt want to pay for a site that showed nothing. I am so glad to see all of the correspondence that occurs between all the members.

Thank you, for running a true and true club. Good luck to you all, I hope you all achieve your desired results. We are just beginning this, so please wish us luck!'"

- Dan and Angie *

Surprising the urologist after 9 months!

"I got a kick out of this and I think it will be an encouraging read for guys just starting out or interested in starting.

This week I went to my old friend and urologist because I was having some problems with an excessive need to urinate at night. Problem solved with meds in a flash.

But before he solved the problem, he had to examine me and check the prostate (ugh),so i t was necessary for me to drop my pants and show all. So before I did that, I told him that I had started last July doing male enhancement exercises after seeing this site and joining it.(As a physician, it made sense to me that elastic tissues could be stretched.) His reply was that he thought all that stuff was a lot of baloney. I replied: 'No sir.'

Last July I was 4 x 3 flaccid and 5 x 4 erect, and now I am 6.5 X 4.5 flaccid and 7.5 X 5.5 erect, and I just wanted him to know before I took down my pants. He has seen my penis many times over the years that he has taken care of me.

You should have seen his look when I dropped them. Priceless! Then he hefted my penis and said: 'Goodness! I have sure learned a lot of new things today! I wonder if there could be something here for my patients with Peyronie's disease?' He took down the name of your website and I left with a new believer telling me to let him know how things were going.

So, if you are wondering if this "penis enlargement" works or are discouraged, take heart and keep doing the exercises."

- Dr. Foster, Physician *

These are amazing results...

"I am very proud of my increase as a result of your training. I think these are amazing results in less than 4 months. I still can't get over the improvement, neither can my girlfriend who can't believe the results, this is an awesome program.

The difference is far more than I expected. Over a 4 inch jump in length when its soft, and over two inches hard. I highly recommend this system."

- S. McKenkie *

I gained 2.5 inches thanks to you...

"Attached is a picture of my 6.5 inch penis, which is 2.5 inches bigger than when I first visited you 2 years ago. Thank you very much !!!"

- Bob Locke *

Solid coaching!

"...sound reasoning and a direct approach!"

- Todd *

Excellent support...

"The enthusiasm is infectious! This program is committed and offers expert coaching. The program is a well-designed regime of exercises designed to lengthen, thicken, and strengthen the penis."

- George Atkinson,
AltPenis Editor-in-Chief *

* These testimonials came in response to the penis enlargement system as managed by the system's creator, Mr. AJ. "Big Al" Alfaro. Please note that the results may vary. and that the average user will experience less dramatic results.

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